Cooperative Services for Quick and Convenient Integrated Border Management and Food and Drug Safety for People’s Health 【Date:2018-01-02】


In order to enhance the efficiency of imported food inspection and provide a more comfortable and convenient environment for services, the Keelung Port Office of the Food and Drug Administration (hereinafter referred to as the “FDA”) will move to Keelung Harbor Service Building on January 2, 2018 to start providing cooperative services together with the Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance, Keelung Customs. The opening ceremony will be held in the Great Hall on the fourth floor of the Keelung Customs building at 10 am on January 3, co-hosted by Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shih-chung and Political Deputy Minister of Finance Su Jain-rong. The Mayor of Keelung City, Lin Yu-chang, elected representatives, and senior politicians will also be invited as guests to attend the ceremony.

These days, our citizens are more concerned about the safety of imported food, and in response, the FDA is also involved in considerable efforts to inspect imported food. However, the space of the original Keelung Port Office has not been sufficient; therefore, the office will be relocated in order to cooperate with the Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance, Keelung Customs for the purpose of elevating the safety of imported food. This will also assist the CPT single window to implement the unified integrated import declaration, enhance efficient civil service for customs declaration and inspection, and create a safer and more convenient environment.

After working together, a cooperative platform between the Keelung Port Office and Keelung Customs will be established to shorten the time for connection, as well as lessen the time and manpower required for delivering and returning documents. Therefore, the customs clearance process will be sped up and will become more convenient so that customs brokerage services can manage the customs declaration and inspection of imported food. Furthermore, the “sampling procedure of imported agricultural and fishing products inspection,” which includes food and drug in cargo clearance, tourist luggage, and postal parcels, will be launched as a trial operation. The sampling will be taken by customs with one-time open package inspection in order to avoid repeated package opening and inspection and save time and costs. After all, we expect to protect the “food and drug safety” of our citizens.


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