Food Industry Establishes Food Traceability and Products Tracking System


In its October 27, 2014 announcement, the Ministry of Health and Welfare noted that the food industry should establish a food traceability tracking system, especially for the meat processing, dairy processing, aquatic, food additive, and “lunch box” sectors of the food industry. The Ministry of Health and Welfare also stated that genetically modified foods should be labeled.

The Ministry reports that as of February 5, 2015, an estimated 4,000 family businesses have been incorporated into a food traceability tracking management system, on schedule for such a large undertaking given the size of the food industry and the details involved in implementing such a process.

The Food and Drug Administration stated that as of early February, the food industry has begun to incorporate a food traceability tracking management system, including relevant product information, supplier and purchasing information, and shipping records, and all internal traceability records must be saved for at least six months following the food product’s stated expiration date.

Any violations of the new food traceability tracking system regulations, including falsification of data, late establishment of tracking systems, and not correcting previous violations can be fined more than $3 Million NTD in accordance with the new laws. Penalties faced by violators also include closing business, either for a prescribed period of time or permanently.