October 21 – 22, 2014 – Food Safety Risk Assessment Workshop


On October 21 and 22, a Food Safety Risk Assessment Workshop will be held at the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan Food and Drug Administration. The workshop will take place in the 7th floor auditorium of the Kunyang Building, at 161-2 Kunyang Street in Nangang District.

The workshop is free. Registration is open on the workshop website through Monday, October 13.

The workshop will be taught by Dr. Lihan Huang, of the United States Department of Agriculture’s Eastern Research Center. The workshop content will first cover frameworks for food safety risk analysis, and continue with a discussion of national food safety risk management. The workshop will emphasize quantitative risk assessment, and will use quantitative microbiological risk assessments as a platform to discuss basic concepts of food safety risk assessment and focus on the application of statistical tools and quantitative risk assessment methods. Participants will be trained in basic concepts involved in conducting risk analysis in order to be gain skills necessary to conduct risk analyses following the completion of the workshop.

Dr. Lihan Huang graduated from the Department of Food Science and Technology at Oregon State University in the United States in 1997. Dr. Huang went on to work in R & D at Campell Soup Company, focusing on development of canned low-acid foods, plastic heat sterilization, and aseptic food processing technology. In 2000, Dr. Huang joined the United State Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Agency at the Eastern Research Center. Dr. Huang’s work focuses on residue chemistry, predictive microbiology models, and integrated food safety technology research and development. Dr. Huang is also an associate editor of the Journal of Food Science.

Risk Assessment Workshop Schedule

The Risk Assessment Workshop is sponsored by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, of the Food and Drug Administration, Executive Yuan; the National Center for Food Safety Education and Research at National Taiwan University; the National Research Center for Food and Biomolecules at Taiwan University; and the Taiwan Association for Food Protection.

Lunchboxes will be provided as part of the workshop. To be conscious of the environment, participants are encouraged to bring their own eating utensils and drinking vessels. The workshop provides 12 hours of learning. Please use your official ID when enrolling in the workshop.