Study Finds That Mango Supplementation Improves Blood Glucose in Obese Individuals


Source: Journal of Nutrition and Metabolic Insights

This pilot study examined the effects of freeze-dried mango (Mangifera indica L.) supplementation on anthropometrics, body composition, and biochemical parameters in in obese individuals. Participants were 20 obese adults, age 20-50 years old, who received 10 grams of ground freeze-dried mango pulp a day, about the equivalent of half a fresh mango for 12 weeks. Anthropometrics, biochemical parameters, and body composition of participants were assessed at initial and concluding visits of the study.

After 12 weeks, mango supplementation significantly reduced blood glucose in both male and female participants, though slightly more significantly for the male participants. No significant changes were seen among participants of either gender in triglyceride or HDL-cholesterol levels or blood pressure. There were no significant changes in body weight, though a positive effect was noted on fasting blood glucose levels. The study can be accessed here.