TFDA Initiated 2019 Inspection Project for Pickled Vegetables (stage 2)


In order to ensure the safety and hygiene of pickled vegetable products, Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) has initiated “2019 Inspection Project for Pickled Vegetables (Stage 2)”. Manufacturers that did not pass the inspection during the first stage will be the first ones inspected at the second stage. Furthermore, manufactures that have never been audited or had violation records in the past will be put on the priority list for enhanced inspection to ensure the safety of their food products.
As for inspection standards, the Regulations on Good Hygiene Practice for Foods (GHP), waste disposal and product labeling, the second stage project will look more deeply into the legality of food additives, and sample pickled vegetable products to run tests on content such as preservatives and bleaching agents, etc. Through enhanced inspection and testing, it is expected that the hygiene and safety of the food products can be increased and the source of food better managed.
TFDA urges food businesses to supervise themselves more by following the “Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation” and emphasizes that any use of food additives must comply with the “Standards for Specification, Scope, Application and Limitation of Food Additives”. If deficiencies of GHP are not corrected within the deadline or finished products not in compliance with the regulations, a fine will be given as punishment to safeguard the health and rights of consumers.

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