The Food Safety Navigator Certification Quiz Now Available Online


The Food Safety Navigator Certification Quiz was developed by Dr. Jun Sekizawa for The Communication Center for Food and Health Science (CCFHS) in Japan. CCFHS licensed its copyrights to National Center for Food Safety Education and Research (NCFSER) solely for educational and communication purposes and not for commercial use. Translation and preparation of the Chinese and English versions were conducted by NCFSER, with support from Taisun Enterprise Company Limited and Amway Taiwan Company Limited.

Translator: Yuming Lin (Chinese version), Julien Manchuelle (English version)
Animator: Yi-Jung Chen
Reviewer: Ya-Yin Jou, Chia-Chi Huang, Chia-Da Hsu, Mei-Ling Chen, Hui-Chun Tseng, Hueyyin Lee, Meng-Hsuan Lin
System administrator: Hsu-Ping Huang
Editor-in-chief: Kuan-Hung Lu, Jun Sekizawa, Lee-Yan Sheen
To access the original Japanese version of the Food Safety Navigator Quiz, please click here to visit the Communication Center for Food and Health Sciences (食品保健科学情報交流協議会).